About Us

Yan Tai Yit Pte Ltd was founded in 1999 as a dried agricultural and foodstuff trading company.  It provides a comprehensive range of dried agricultural, marine and herbal products from countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Its products are widely distributed to supermarkets, major wholesalers and retailers in Singapore. At present, its clients include Sheng Siong Supermarket, Giant Supermarket, U Stars Supermarket, Prime Supermarket, Mustafa, Japan Home, JJ Drinks, MCP Supermarket, Chwee Song Supplies (Main NTUC Chinese Herb Distributor), Yue Hwa Chinese Products, Kim Siang Ginseng Medical Hall, CMM Marketing.

Over the past few years, Yan Tai Yit Pte Ltd has evolved into a major supplier and distributor of an extensive range of food stuff and herbal products. The company is committed to become one of the leading importers for herbal products and food stuff and hopes to venture into other product sectors in the near future.